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2010-01 Consolidated DME MAC A Supplier Manual

January 07, 2010

Consolidated DME MAC A Supplier Manual

In an effort to increase efficiency and convenience for our users the DME MAC A Supplier Manual is now available as one complete PDF document. Previously the Supplier Manual was available as separate documents for each chapter, which required the opening of 13 individual files to view the entire manual. Now as one complete file, the entire Supplier Manual is only one click away.

Additional benefits to having the entire Supplier Manual in one file include:

Search the entire document at once – By using the “Find” Feature in Adobe Acrobat (Ctrl+F) users can now search the entire Supplier Manual at one time.

Interactive Table of Contents – There is now a fully clickable Table of Contents at the beginning of the document allowing users to navigate to their desired section in a single click.

Revision History – New to the Supplier Manual is a Revision History located at the end of the document. It is no longer necessary to compare the new and old versions to discover what has changed.
The new consolidated DME MAC A Supplier Manual can be found on the DME MAC A Web site at: Dowload the Entire Supplier Manual Here