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2011-06 Medical Review Faxed ADR responses - Clear copies Only

June 24, 2011

Medical Review Faxed ADR responses – Clear copies

NHIC would like to remind suppliers that legible copies of supporting medical documentation are needed in order to conduct medical reviews.

For example, if your faxed response to an MR ADR contains medical documentation which includes a physician’s prescription, please be sure that the copy being faxed is clear. Prescription forms that have been re-faxed or have a dark background can sometimes be illegible when faxed to NHIC. Highlighted or shaded text is usually illegible when faxed.

If in doubt as to whether a document will be legible if faxed, NHIC suggests that you fax a test copy to your company’s fax machine. If it is difficult to decipher, please mail the entire ADR response rather than attempting to fax an unclear copy.

In situations where the faxed document is too dark to read, photocopying may provide a more readable document (Adjust brightness, intensity and contrast settings as appropriate).