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2013-10 Jurisdiction C Now Accepting Development Letter Responses via CD/DVD





October 25, 2013

Jurisdiction C Now Accepting Development Letter Responses via CD/DVD

Occasionally when we process a claim that you have submitted, we request additional information about the claim in order to complete processing. When this happens, we send you a “development letter” to request the additional information. Traditionally when responding to a development letter, you have been required to print out your documentation and send it via mail or fax, or to send electronic files via esMD. Beginning immediately, we now also offer you the ability to send electronic files via CD/DVD.

If you choose to send your development response via CD/DVD, please follow a few basic guidelines:
Include a copy of the first page of the development letter (the page with the barcode), so that we can associate your response with your claim.
Send your documentation in PDF format.
You can include multiple case responses on one CD/DVD, but be sure to clearly name each file so that we can easily associate your documentation with the correct case.
Send each case as a single file (PDF), if at all possible.
Do not combine multiple responses into one PDF. Each case should be its own file.

Please send your CD/DVD to the following address:

CGS PO Box 20010 Nashville, TN 37202-0010

If you cannot send your package to a PO Box, use the following physical address:

CGS 2 Vantage Way Nashville, TN 37228