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2015-07 Licensure updates by State





July Updates
  • CO
    Updated Note A – The Colorado DME supplier licensing statute was amended on March 26,
    2015 to clarify this note.
    KYDEX PRO Multi Podus
  • IN
    Updated Note I –Updated this to inform out of state suppliers must contact this The Indiana BOP if they are shipping, renting, leasing used bedding in the state of Indiana.
  • NC
    Updated Note B : North Carolina updated their the information in their law answering if a pharmacy had to obtain a DME Permit on January 31, 2015. That information was updated in Note B.
  • OK
    Added Note F – Non-resident pharmacies must have an Oklahoma licensed PIC after November 1, 2015. New pharmacies will be required upon application and renewals will be required upon renewal
    after November 1st.
  • VT
    Deleted the Wholesale Drug Outlet License as it only deals with prescriptions that have some type of drug involved so therefore since Legend Devices are not drug related this license was deleted along with Note A – All of the Product codes were updated to show No License Required.
  • KY
    Deleted the name Special Gas Pharmacy Permit and added the correct name Medicinal Gas Pharmacy Permit and added it to the RO8 (Oxygen Code only) and updated Note A with clarification on suppliers that delivery oxygen to patients are required to have this permit by the state of Kentucky.
  • PA
    Updated Note D : The state sent us a clarification in regards to their Bedding and Upholstery
  • TX
    Added the “Prescription Drug Manufacturer License? to the other 2 license in the note . Any or all of
    the 3 can be obtained by the supplier to in order to be able to deliver Oxygen.
  • AZ
    Deleted Note B as it was found that not needed from information from AZ Weights and Measurements
    Division. Deleted Note B from the oxygen code RO8.
  • WV
    Updated the Board of Medicine website address as the previous one was defunct.