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2016-08 Navigating Latest CMS 855 Forms & PECOS Guidelines





Navigating Latest CMS 855 Forms & PECOS Guidelines: Mandatory Provider Enrollment & Revalidation Regulations To Follow
  • The CMS Enrollment and Revalidation process is modified and updated very frequently with the purpose of collecting more accurate provider information. The CMS Forms have so many important fields to be filled out, that even a single mistake can cost big. These consistent changes and modifications to the Medicare Enrollment process and the various 855 forms by CMS, often result in small errors causing serious time and financial loss. Accurate completion of the CMS Enrollment Forms, follow up of forms submitted and maintenance/updates to completed applications is critical to the receipt of your Medicare payments. Incomplete applications and failure to follow up timely can delay the enrollment process for several months which results in missed Medicare payments. KYDEX PRO Multi Podus