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Contracture Management Related

Contracture Management





  • Contracture management is essential to limit and correct the contraction of limbs. Contracture management provides ongoing care. A multi podus * boot provides a prime example of a corrective othosis counteracting contractures. LEEDerGroup.com: KYDEX Pro Multi Podus boot with ambulation pad Prevent Mitigate Heel UlcersKYDEX-PRO Ambulation OrthosisKYDEX PRO Multi Podus
  • The KYDEX-PRO AFO foot orthosis provides better safety and security providing Better Outcomes L4396 or L4397, 1930

L4396 or L4397 (the L4396 is now used for “custom” application / adjustment by a qualified health care professional; the L4397 code is for prefabricated or off the shelf)

  • CLICK-HERE for coding information LCD A19885
  • Contracture Management usually refers to LTC and SNF patients and the appropriate orthosis to counteract contracture of the relevant appendage: Ankle-Foot, Knee, Elbow, Wrist Hand Finger.
  • LEEDer specializes in this type of Contracture Management Orthosis product: the KYDEX-PRO Multi Podus boot Ankle Foot Orthosis; insist on KYDEX for Safety and Security; the LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Multi Podus boot provides an unrivaled ambulation platform also reinforced with KYDEX. You get More Control Better Outcomes Transforming Lives.
  • L-4396 or L4397 Insurance Coded KYDE-PRO Multi Podus * type boot F Tag 314 Lambswool Contracture Management Dura Boot Duraboot* PRAFO L’Nard
  • Formula: Fast-LOK Ambulation Pad + Anti-Microbial SoftGood Fabrics + KYDEX = Maximum Protection for you and your patients = DON’T TAKE CHANCES; Click here for more INFO
  • Quality KYDEX-PRO plastic shell for field re-forming, a Code Requirement, (unlike boots using inexpensive polypro or ABS which are not re-formable); 5-20 times more resistant to breakage Foot Brace Contracture Management
  • What is KYDEX? IT IS SAFER BECAUSE IT’S STRONGER and Safer for you and your patients: Click/See_More Care for LESS COST_for yourself and your patients
  • For Non-Fixed Plantar Flexion Contracture. Great for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Float, Foot Drop, Achilles Tendonitis multi podus * boot podis
  • With Universal Sizing + Easy Don-Doff; No Straps
  • Regular & Large Size fit almost everyone means Less Inventory to carry Ankle Splints
  • All Boots available with FLEECE or NO-Fleece Liner
  • Anti-Rotation bar and Toe post included
  • Adjustable KYDEX plastic shell covered to guard against skin abrasion
  • Soft and Luxurious. (Note: for transfers; this is not a walking boot; see Cam Walkers for walking boots) Amboot view from Under with Fast Lock Donuts removed; retaining nuts visible and Anti-Rotation Bar
  • 11 Inch Easy On-Off Fixed Transfer Sole Pad multi podus * boot
  • KYDEX-PRO Adjustable Boot Shell Floats Heel For Non-Fixed Contracture and Recumbent heel pressure relief Wound care and Plantar Fasciitis
  • Lightweight
  • Easy don / doff No Straps for Less Pressure concentration
  • Positive Double Bolt Connection with Fast Lock “donut” retainer to secure removable nuts until YOU want to remove them multi podus * boot
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about products Click/See
  • Order Code for Ambulation Boot: LBMR (regular), LBML (large) Add NF for No Fleece Smooth Velfoam liner
WHFO Hand Splint Orthosis with Flex-E-Core Technology: PRO-REST, PRO-GRIP, PRO-DORSAL and PRO-AIR ASSIST
L3807 or L3809 (the L3807 is now used for “custom” application / adjustment by a qualified health care professional; the L3809 code is for prefabricated or off the shelf)
  • WHFO Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis: PRO-RESTing Splints
  • Order PRO-RESTing Splint Click/ORDER PRO-REST Orthosis
  • Insurance Coded L-3807 L3807 F Tag 314
Pro-Rest Hand Orthosis
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about LEEDer products Click/See
  • Therapist use this splint to Comfortably Treat Mild to Moderate Contractures and Decrease Finger Flexion
  • Great for Contracture Management and controlling contractures that have not progressed too far; for more severe contractures The PRO-GRIPing Hand splint is required Click to SEE PRO-GRIP WHFO
  • Why Flex-E-Core Makes a Difference? Click/See Flex-E-Core
  • Soothing “Lambs Wool” Fleece Cover or NO FLEECE-All Fabric Option Available
  • Easily Adjusts to ANY ANGLE..even Hand Drop! Complete Malleable Flex-E-Core Technology
  • Provides Thumb Abduction Control and Finger Separation
  • Sized by distance BETWEEN wrist and elbow crease:

    Small = Less than 8 inches
    Medium = 8 to 9.5 inches
    Large = 9.5 inches and greater
  • Supports Flacid Wrist and Hand
  • Pediatric splint available too!
  • Order Code for PRO-RESTing Hand Splint or Add NF for No Fleece Lambswool

    Large = LRLL / LRLR
    Medium = LRML / LRMR
    Small = LRSL / LRSR
PRO-Knee Orthosis L1833
  • Click/See: PRO-KNEE Fitting Instructions
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about LEEDer products Click/See
  • Double Upright Splint Hinge Treats Non-Fixed Contractures comfortably and quickly Click/See: KNEE Fitting Instructions
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Read Indexed Hinge Indicates ROM Improvement and Hinge allows Dynamic or Static Setting
  • Easy to Apply / Comfortable to wear with Soothing “Lambs Wool” Fleece Lining; ALSO available Cool No Fleece Liner
  • Carefully Controls Increase of ROM and Stabilizes Knee Splint Extension
  • “Third Point Patella Pad” improves adjustment options; includes “Full Wrap” Patella Pads for extreme contracture
  • Sized by Calf and Thigh Circumference

    Large = Measurement Range of Calf 13” to 16” and Thigh 20” to 25”
    Medium = Measurement Range of Calf 10” to 13” and Thigh 16” to 20”
    Small = Measurement Range of Calf 6” to 9” and Thigh 11” to 16”
  • If you have a NON-proportionate dimension, please call for assistance; usually an “extender pack” will work
  • Comfortable for High Patient Compliance; With Fleece and NO-Fleece Soft Good Cover Available for contracture management orthosis orthotic brace
  • DUAL Air Bladder Option in padded pouches
  • View “Functional Knee Braces: DME Policy by BCBS Click/See
PRO-GRIP Hand Splint Orthosis with Flex-E-Core Technology
Pro-GRIP Orthosis
  • Insurance Coded L-3807 or L3809 Medicare F Tag 314
L3807 or L3809 (the L3807 is now used for “custom” application / adjustment by a qualified health care professional; the L3809 code is for prefabricated or off the shelf)
Side shot of LEEDer GRIPing WHFO Hand Splint displays desired "C" position of the hand/fingers.
  • Sized by distance BETWEEN wrist and elbow crease

    Large = 9.5” or greater distance Order Code LGLLeft / LGLR^ight^
    Medium = 8” to 9.5” Order Code LGML^eft^ / LGMR^ight^
    Small = Less than 8” Order Code LGSL^eft^/ LGSR^ight^
  • Maintains the hand / thumb in the functional “C” position
  • Controls Radial / Ulnar Deviations
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about LEEDer products Click/See
  • Virtually unbreakable Flex-E-Core Technology allows for unlimited adjustment; Adjusts to 90 degrees for Wrist Drop L3807
PRO-Elbow Orthosis*

L-3760 Insurance Coded

  • Soft, comfortable and EASY to Apply; Perfect for treatment of non-fixed contractures
  • Sized by Bicep and ForeArm Circumference

    Large = Measurement Range of Bicep 13.5” to 16” ForeArm 12.5” to 15”
    Medium = Measurement Range of Bicep 10.5” to 13” ForeArm 9.5” to 12”
    Small = Measurement Range of Bicep 8.5” to 10” ForeArm 7.5” to 9”
  • PROVIDER NOTE: If you have a NON-proportionate dimension, please call for assistance. Usually an “extender pack” will work.
  • PROVIDER NOTE: The Elbow can be used for a child’s knee by simply reversing the hinges; pediatric brace splint
  • High patient compliance to Stabilize extension
  • Facilitate rehabilitation contracture management brace L3760
  • Increase R.O.M. with indexed hinge safely, slowly, comfortably
  • Dynamic Hinge also allows for Static Setting and proper alignment with elbow axis

(* Multi Podus® is a registered U.S. Trademark of “Restorative CareofAmerica, Inc” and is used herein with permission. No affiliation or endorsement by “RCAI” should be inferred.) podis
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