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Contracture Management Related

Flex-E-Core allows Custom Fitting





Pro-Rest Hand OrthosisPro-GRIP Orthosis
  • Since 1997 LEEDer has fabricated all WHFO PRO REST and PRO GRIP Hand splints with Flex-E-Core “framesâ€?; these frames are ADJUSTABLE L3807 or L3809
    Pro-Rest Hand OrthosisPro-GRIP Orthosis
  • The mounting platform is composed of an outer protective cover of Medical Grade foam VOLARA over the hand formed and hand brazed internal structure which can be Custom Formed to the patient’s exact condition
  • For example: unfixed contractures will respond to contra-pressure and the Flex-E-Core LEEDer PRO Hand splints can be adjusted by the Professional so that counter pressure is applied to the contraction; the adjustment may be changed progressively to work the Patient’s contracture back to a more clinically preferred position
  • Flex-E-Core Braces provide “neuro-trainingâ€? with resistance tension to counteract contracture, tone and spasticity. Adjustable without tools or heat; for Severe Wrist and Moderate Hand-Finger Contractures choose PRO-REST; for more severe “fist clenchingâ€? choose PRO-GRIP
  • The Flex-E-Core Frame is not easy to adjust and requires substantial modification for fitting and Professional knowledge of anatomy
  • Proper application is beyond the capacity of a lay person (of course anyone can put the product on, even the patient, but for optimal results, a knowledgeable Professional is required)
  • The Flex-E-Core Frame is strong enough to resist substantial “toneâ€?, yet it is adjustable without tools or heat
  • Much like our KYDEX-PRO Ankle Contracture boots which are adjustable as well, Flex-E-Core provides the Professional with a Custom Fit WHFO to properly match their patient’s requirements
  • There are cheaper products out there which are not adjustable for custom fitting
  • LEEDer manufactures higher quality products with the Professional requirements needed to properly Custom Fit the patient
  • Also, See the PRO-Multi Use Boot L4396 or L4397 (Order Codes: LMUA, LMUFirm for over 225 lbs weight) with Dorsiflexion straps: this AFO boot is an alternative to our KYDEX-PRO boot: it is lighter weight and Flex-E-Core adjustable to accommodate a broad range of patient conditions
“More Care for LESS COST� = The LEEDer Way.