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How to Use Our Night Splint





In a word: SLOWLY
  • Go at it slowly…as with many things: slow is the way to go about it. Don’t rush it. The majority of cases involve your plantar fasica. Your plantar fasciitis is in distress; it has micro cracks across the fascia. That’s where all the pain is. Each time you get up in the morning without using a Night Splint, you re-stress and induce more stress on the plantar fascia. In a word: SLOW. Go slow. Night Splints can help you but if you rush it, you can aggravate things as well. Go…

  • Adjust the Night Splint so that the dorsiflexion straps apply a small amount of pressure against the bottom of your foot. This will stop your foot from contracting while you sleep. Of course it’s not comfortable; healing is usually not comfortable. If you want to get back to “normalâ€?, you must train your plantar fascia not to contract. As important: during the day you must stretch the plantar fasciitis.
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More Control…Better Outcomes…Transforming Lives
  • Multi USE adjusts for Plantar Fasciitis, Dorsiflexion as a Night Splint, recumbent heel pressure relief, wound control, Heel Float, inversion or eversion, or toe walking.
  • As you become more accustomed to the pressure of the night splint on the bottom of your foot you can increase pressure until you are “back to neutralâ€?. With daily stretching and when you are back to neutral, you can “go offâ€? the night splint every other night…and, then every two nights, etc.
  • You must be the ultimate judge. Only you can feel the pain; only you can feel the correct tension of the night splint on the plantar fascia.
  • Do not rush it; you will only aggravate it. 6 to 8 weeks is minimum time and you must incorporate stretching.
Just do it! Slowly.
  • Only a night splint with dorsiflexion straps (side straps) will work. You cannot apply proper pressure without the dorsi-flexion side straps, which counteract the plantar-flexion contracture. The so called “passiveâ€? and dorsal (top of the foot) night splints cannot apply adequate and precise counter pressure.