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Contracture Management Related

Knee Contracture





  • Knee contractures are treated effectively with double upright hinged knee splints, that is, braces that have adjustable ROM stops.
  • Medicare Approved L-1832-33 Knee Contracture Management knee brace

  • Double Upright Splint Hinge Treats Non-Fixed Contractures comfortably and quickly Click HERE for KNEE Fitting Instructions
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Read Indexed Hinge Indicates ROM Improvement and Hinge allows Dynamic or Static Setting
  • Easy to Apply / Comfortable to wear with Soothing “Lambs Wool” Fleece Lining; ALSO available Cool No Fleece Liner
  • Carefully Controls Increase of ROM and Stabilizes Knee Splint Extension
  • “Third Point Patella Pad” improves adjustment options; Includes “Full Wrap” Patella Pads for extreme contracture L2795 Addition Code
  • Sized by Calf and Thigh Circumference
Large = Measurement of Calf 13” to 16” ; Thigh 20” to 25”
Medium = Measurement of Calf 10” to 13” ; Thigh 16” to 20”
Small = Measurement of Calf 6” to 9” ; Thigh 11” to 16”