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Plantar Fasciitis





  • Plantar Fasciitis, a common affliction brought on sometimes by innocuous activities (walking on cobblestones); athletes tend to plantar fasciitis problems.

Note: Multi Use Boot shown with anti-rotation bar

  • Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar Fasciitis—-What is it?
  • FREE SHIPPING this month…Night Splint…We just had a customer re-order after using one for 3 years! That shows how durable it is!

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  • PRO-Multi USE Orthosis Protocol: adjusts for Plantar Fasciitis, Dorsiflexion as a Night Splint, recumbent heel pressure relief, wound control, Heel Float, inversion or eversion, or toe walking

  • Night Splint: LEEDer Group “products that actually work exactly as advertisedâ€?, So attests a pleased user of the Night Splint that Works! K.S. from New York, further says: “Thanks for everything, by the way. I ordered those twp boots as a prophylactic measure; I have had some issues with my plantar fascia, and it needs to be stretched regularly to avoid injury. These boots are fantastic!â€?
  • Most adjustable Night Splint available: from 30 degrees dorsiflex (up) to 30 degrees plantarflex (down)
  • Insurance Billing Code L4396 ICD-9 728.71
  • Flex-E-Core Technology Splints makes the difference. Try it. It’s Guaranteed!
  • Adjustable Night Splint That Works! for the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, for equinus and tight triceps Surae (calf muscles), Positioning, Pressure Reduction, Foot Foot Brace, Easily adjust the length to perfectly fit your foot; it’s like a custom brace
  • Night Splint that Works! is transfer ready for safe and easy transfers to the bathroom
  • Slowly & Comfortably CORRECT Plantar Fasciitis!
  • Doctor recommended toe-wedge included FREE (dorsiwedge) for that extra little dorsiflexison Ankle Splints
  • Light Weight and comfortable; Transfer Ready
  • Flex-E-Core Technology OUT PERFORMS all others; Unlimited Adjustment
  • All Parts Soft and Covered; softest interface available
  • Windlass side Straps for dorsiflexion adjustment
  • Superior Product; Unbeatable Price; Satisfaction Guaranteed…the LEEDer Group way

  • Doctor Recommended Night Splint That Works! See Below/Scroll Down
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about the Night Splint That Works! Click/See Testimonial
  • Click/See CIGNA for CIGNA Health Care Position on Night Splints for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis and L-4396 HCPCS Coding Approval with ICD-9 = 728.71, L4396
  • Flex-E-Core Technology differentiates LEEDer products: easy to Custom Fit and with Greater Range allow you to Give MORE Care for LESS COST=The LEEDer Way!

Order Code: LMUA or P -NS (Night Splint) (A=Adult / P=Pediatric)

Pat. Pend.

Here’s what a doctor and a practitioner say:

“I wanted to let you know that I have had great success in my Podiatry practice using several of the LEEDer group products. Not only are the products economical but they are very effective. I’ve had great results using the multi-use boot as a night splint for plantar fasciitis. I have the patient progressively increase the tension on the dorsiflexion straps every few days. These patients often get complete relief over a period of a few weeks. The nice thing about the multi-use boot is its ability to easily bend and mold to the exact contour of the patients foot. When I use the boot to float a patients heel with an ulcer or to support a patient with arthritis, tendonitis or a sprain, I can bend the device for those people with severe inversion/eversion deformities or with a plantar flexion deformity. This allows for a comfortable and effective fit every time and increases patient compliance. Lastly, I use the regular LEEDer boot in bed bound patients to improve plantar flexion contractures and to float the heels to prevent or heal ulcers. The device also protects the patients lower legs and toes from injury. The device is also useful in those patients that are working with physical therapists and need stability while improving their walking and leg strength. The boots can be used for so many other conditions as well. Each practitioner will find their favorite conditions to treat. Just wanted to share my experiences and successes and hope you will share it with othersâ€?.
Sincerely, Marc A. Katz, DPM Tampa, FL

“Thank you for the info on the Multi Use Boot. The accounts who have tried it ..LOVE it !!! It does fill a need for those patients with lots of skin breakdown [softest interface available] who need a lighter boot. It has been more popular with the Occupational Therapists who seem to get all the problems that no one else wants to address. It’s a great boot when used correctly.. all the feedback I have received is POSITIVE!!! Thank You !!!
—â€?M.B., from Pennsylvania