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Contracture Management Related

Resting Hand Splints





Pro-Rest Hand Orthosis
  • Slow and reverse Contractures of the Wrist, Hand and Fingers
  • Recover Range of Motion
  • Fully adjustable without tools or heat but strong enough to resist spasticity; Flex-E-Core
  • Provide Comfortable Platform; Easy 1-2-3 Strap numbering
  • Finger Separator Included

TECHNICAL DETAILS and Watch how to put on

  • PRO Resting Hand splints are used to control CVA and neurological conditions, contracture management, etc. Resting Hand Splints are available from LEEDer as the PRO GRIP, PRO REST, Pro Air Grip, and PRO Dorsal. Some refer to the Resting Hand splint as a cock up splint if it is adjustable. All LEEDer WHFO resting hand splints are fabricated with Flex-E-Core which is completely adjustable without heat or tools; it is virtually indestructible and allows multiple adjustments. Finger hand splint or hand finger splint.
  • Flex-E-Core Orthotics: LEEDer Group Hand Splints now feature 1-2-3 Strap Application Numbering (no more call backs for re-fitting). Flex-E-Core Braces engineered to provide “neuro-trainingâ€? with resistance tension to counteract contracture, tone and spasticity. Adjustable without tools or heat. Free Finger Separator included. Anti-Microbial treatment will not wash out. Pediatric available REST & GRIP. Latex free.
  • NEW 1-2-3 Easy Apply Strap numbers. Palmar adjustable Flex-E-Core adapts to contractures, tone and spasticity; neuro-training lessens duration and intensity of spasticity over time. Recover Range of Motion. Includes finger separator no charge. (Rest available No-Fleece) Latex Free.
WHFO Hand Splint Orthosis with Flex-E-Core Technology
  • WHFO Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis; RESTing Hand Splints; (i.e. Volar Hand Splint)
  • Insurance Approved L-3807 or L3809 Tag F314 Functional Hand splints hand splint VA APPROVED
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about LEEDer products Click/See
  • Therapist use this splint to Comfortably Treat Mild to Moderate Contractures and Decrease Finger Flexion
  • Great for Contracture Management and controlling contractures that have not progressed too far See/Click LEEDer PRO-GRIPing WHFO for severe contractures
  • Click here for LEEDer REST Fitting Instructions
  • Finger Separator Included
  • Why Flex-E-Core Makes a Difference? Click/See Flex-E-Core
  • Soothing “Lambs Woolâ€? Fleece Cover NO FLEECE-All Fabric VelFoam Option Available Resting Hand Splints
  • Easily Adjusts to ANY ANGLE..even Hand Drop! Complete Malleable Flex-E-Core Technology Cock-up Hand Splint easy adjust
  • Sized by distance BETWEEN wrist and elbow crease:
Small: Less than 8 inch
Medium: 8 inch to 9.5 inch
Large: 9.5 inch and greater
  • Supports Flacid Wrist and Hand
  • Adjust easily without heat or tools as a Cock-Up Hand Splint Cock Up
  • Pediatric splint available too!
  • Order Code: LRLL, LRLR, LRML, LRMR, LRSL, LRSR (Add NF for No Fleece)
Small: LRSL (Left) / LRSR (Right)
Medium: LRML / LRMR
Large: LRLL / LRLR