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Performance Health-LEEDer PRO-ELBOW Orthosis Splint Item Order Codes





Performance Health aka Sammons Preston aka Patterson Medical Item Order Codes
LEEDer Elbow with ROM Hinge exposed
  • Cat No: 55460801 (Item No: 081096288); The LEEDer PRO-Elbow Splint, LEEDer Code: LES; Size: SMALL, Bicep Circumference.: 8½”-10”, Forearm Circ: 7½”-9”; UPC/UDI 881314867264; L3760
  • Cat No: 55460802 (Item No: 081096296); The LEEDer PRO-Elbow Splint, LEEDer Code: LEM; Size: MEDIUM, Bicep Circumference.: 10½”-13”, Forearm Circ: 9½”-12”; UPC/UDI 881314867721; L3760
  • Cat No: 55460803 (Item No: ) The LEEDer PRO-Elbow Splint, LEEDer Code: LEL; Size: LARGE, Bicep Circumference: 13½”-16”, Forearm Circ: 12½”-15”; UPC/UDI 881314867875; L3760