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Knee Splints





  • Insurance Approved L-1833 Knee Management* LEEDer knee brace splint. The knee splint provides fixed or stops to limit ROM range of motion or to allow dynamic travel along the ROM range of motion within the range of two stops. The double upright hinges adjust with movable stops along the range of motion.

  • LEEDer Knee Splints designed primarily for contracture management. Static and dynamic ROM settings allow for good management.
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  • Knee Orthosis L1833 with
  • Double Upright Splint Hinge Treats Knee comfortably and quickly
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Read Indexed Hinge Indicates ROM Improvement and Hinge allows Dynamic or Static Setting
  • Easy to Apply / Comfortable to wear with Soothing “Lambs Wool? Fleece Lining; ALSO available Cool No Fleece Liner
  • Carefully Controls Increase of ROM and Stabilizes Knee Splint Extension
  • “Third Point Patella Pad? improves adjustment options; Includes “Full Wrap? Patella Pads
  • Sized by Calf and Thigh Circumference

    Large = Measurement of Calf 13? to 16? ; Thigh 20? to 25?
    Medium = Measurement of Calf 10? to 13? ; Thigh 16? to 20?
    Small = Measurement of Calf 6? to 9? ; Thigh 11? to 16?

  • If you have a NON-proportionate dimension, please call for assistance; usually an “extender pack? will work
  • Comfortable for High Patient Compliance; With Fleece and NO-Fleece Soft Good Cover Available for contracture management orthosis orthotic brace
  • DUAL Air Bladder Option in padded pouches
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